The power

of feedback

Use transactional feedback to continuously improve your services and to demonstrate that you care

The eTrusted platform easily connects in a smart and minimally invasive way to your systems and delivers a powerful range of customizable functions.


Improve your service

Know exactly where you can
improve your customers’ journey.


Display your customers' feedback
and use it in different marketing channels.


How it works


eTrusted Sensors

With eTrusted Sensors, you can decide at which point in the customer journey you ask for your customer’s opinion. The sensor listens to your existing systems and receives notice when a transaction occurs, upon which it triggers a review request. This way you know exactly what your customer is experiencing at important touchpoints with your organization.


  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

    eTrusted Enterprise Solutions is a SaaS provider ensuring compatibility, scalability and data security with no additional infrastructure or maintenance costs.
  • APIs (Application Programming Interface)

    Our solution can be fully integrated into your existing CRM, process and data warehouse applications using standard APIs.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)

    We work with leading CDN providers such as Akamai and Amazon to ensure the highest performance and availability of our solution.
  • Enterprise Solutions Sensors

    eTrusted Sensors seamlessly connect to all your processes and capture feedback-relevant information.
  • Machine Learning

    Intelligent systems check, tag and route your feedback to different endpoints and applications.
  • Security & Privacy

    With customer silos and servers located in the EU, we ensure data security and privacy standards in line with the German data protection legislation.

Active review management

The experts of eTrusted Enterprise Solutions consult you every step of the way towards the seamless connection of your eTrusted Sensors and assist you with implementing them in a way that fits your processes and systems.

Beyond that, a team of dedicated customer relationship managers can take care of processing your feedback. Continuous monitoring, checking and responding to reviews are all part of the eTrusted Active Review Management service. Reviews can either be responded to directly or forwarded via a defined workflow to the right contact person.




Customize and automate your feedback collection, management and marketing – for online and offline processes:


Collect Feedback

  • Use the eTrusted Sensors to capture events and contexts for feedback collection

  • Configure your event-based review logic to ask for feedback when you need it

  • Generate rich transactional feedback through flexible contexts


Analyze & Manage

  • Check review content with automatic expert scans and machine learning

  • Link Enterprise Solutions to your CRM, data warehouse or marketing system

  • Respond to feedback in real time with automated workflows



  • Embed feedback and reviews in your customer’s journey with APIs

  • Generate NPS and user-defined metrics from aggregated feedback data

  • Feed review data to Google/Bing and social networks automatically

  • Distribute user-generated content to relevant marketing channels