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Enterprise Solutions is a unit of eTrusted

eTrusted is europe's leading trust brand, based in Germany. With innovative solutions, we enable our clients to inspire trust – a crucial requirement for successful customer relationships. eTrusted includes Trusted Shops with over 30 million registered users and 25,000 satisfied clients using the well-known trustmark and our customer feedback system. 

Trusted Shops: Facts & Figures







The European trust standard

Trusted Shops operates in every EU country and meets the highest standards when it comes to data protection and security. Our legal experts are familiar with the relevant regulations in every EU country.

In all our processes and services as well as in the technology we develop, privacy protection plays a vital role. This is confirmed by the multiple recommendations we have received from consumer organizations and the financial support our system has received from the European Union.

Today more than 80,000 transactions are processed on the cloud-based Enterprise Solutions platform every day. Over 30 million customer comments have already been collected, verified and displayed.

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