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Transactional Feedback

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Actionable Insights

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Transactional feedback is incredibly powerful

Valuable and authentic feedback

Transactional feedback is generated when you ask a person (i.e. customer, supplier, agent, etc.) for feedback after an interaction with your organisation. Typically this will be at one or more touchpoints and can include: purchase order, claim entry, product delivery, check-out, a visit by a service technician and many more. Each feedback is associated with somebody who really did interact with your organisation, making feedback both valuable and authentic.

Capture opinions when they change

The great benefit of transactional feedback is the ability to capture opinions when they change. Because the perception of your organisation rarely changes without a reason, people are much more likely to change their opinion when they are interacting with your organisation. If you survey them shortly after that interaction, you are likely to get a good understanding of exactly what drove that change in opinion.

A stream of feedback

With transactional feedback, it is possible to get a continuous stream of feedback and not just a snapshot like traditional surveys. This greatly increases the volume of feedback that you receive, increasing validity and the ability to extract useful insights and trends.

You get the ability to dispatch feedback to marketing platforms (i.e. search engines, social networks, portals, stores, etc.) and provide potential customers with meaningful information to help them make better decisions and inspire trust.

Automation is the key

The challenge of transactional feedback is automation. Daily uploads of data, sending surveys, collating responses, reporting, etc. all become complex and time consuming if you do not have an automated way to run the process. 

eTrusted solves that challenge

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eTrusted Sensors Solution


The eTrusted Platform offers a rich collection of RESTful APIs to collect, manage, analyze and display transactional feedback. It makes it easy to customize the solution to match your needs.

eTrusted Sensors

eTrusted Sensors are microservices that connect to your processes and are responsible to analyze arbitrary outputs to log transaction events with a rich context. While some of the sensors can be compared to simple APIs, others employ AI techniques such as deep learning to cope with the flexibility you have built into your processes. With eTrusted Sensors you can easily connect to your legacy systems without impacting them.

Feedback logic and workflow automation

In order to fully adapt to your use case, we have added a key ingredient: the feedback logic module. Depending on the transaction event received, the feedback logic will send the appropriate feedback invite at the right time. You need notifications for certain events? You want to tag certain feedback for reporting? You want to create a ticket in your incident management system for certain types of feedback? With the rule based feedback logic and workflow automation, you decide when and how you treat you feedback.

Full flexibility with nosql data structures

Requirements on feedback collection can change over time. Even if a simple rating suffices for your use-case today, can you be sure that you don’t need tailored feedback such as customized questions or even small surveys tomorrow? At eTrusted Enterprise Solutions, we combine classical relational databases with state-of-the art technology such as JSON containers and NoSQL. This unique mix offers a flexible yet highly scalable and performant base for your individual enterprise solution.

Better insights with text analysis

Are you still using complex surveys to understand the needs of your customer? Although this is a proven way to gather feedback, sometimes the magic happens beyond predefined questions. The eTrusted state-of-the-art text analysis module based on part-of-speech tagging, sentiment analysis and driver analysis helps you identify areas for improvement as well as strong points with only one free-text question. It is available in 8 languages (en, de, fr, es, it, nl, pl, zh) and can be individually tailored to your needs. With eTrusted Enterprise Solutions you do not only gather more but also better actionable insights!

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Trust is the bond between you and your customers

But trust cannot be taken for granted. Trust is inspired slowly. And can be lost within seconds. That is why trust-building measures should be at the core of any business strategy. The experts of Enterprise Solutions are ready to assist you with more than 15 years of experience in building up trust.

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"For over 25 years, our airline has enjoyed a high level of confidence from our clients. With Trusted Shops, we use the opportunity to collect our customers' reviews and evaluate them internally and externally in order to optimize the customer experience permanently."
Thomas Bornschein, Senior Manager Marketing & Business Segments, Sun Express

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